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Research highlight: A look at the questions raised by Homo naledi

A chapter that presents some of the key topics shaping our continuing investigations of the Rising Star cave system.

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Cast of the LES1 skull of Homo naledi, held by a hand.

Citation: Hawks, John and Lee R. Berger. On Homo naledi and its significance in evolutionary anthropology. In Deane-Drummond, Celia and Agustín Fuentes (editors), Theology and Evolutionary Anthropology: Dialogues in Wisdom, Humility and Grace, pp. 51–68. Routledge, New York.

This volume combining the voices of evolutionary scientists and theological thinkers provided an opportunity to consider broader perspectives on human origins and the evolution of culture and sociality. Our chapter discusses a few of the questions that underlie our current research in the Rising Star cave system, including questions about how to understand evidence of behavior in the multi-hominin context of Middle Pleistocene Africa.

Theology and Evolutionary Anthropology: Dialogues in Wisdom, Humility and Grace
This book sets out some of the latest scientific findings around the evolutionary development of religion and faith and then explores their theological implications. This unique combination of perspectives raises fascinating questions about the characteristics that are considered integral for a flou…
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I'm a paleoanthropologist exploring the world of ancient humans and our fossil relatives.

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