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Link: The archaeology of Yellowstone

2 minute read

Smithsonian magazine has a feature article by Richard Grant describing the archaeology of Yellowstone National Park: “The Lost History of Yellowstone”. The s...

Link: Science behind the mRNA vaccines

1 minute read

A lot of people are reading the Wired story about the background of the messenger RNA (mRNA) science that underlies the new COVID-19 vaccines: “How mRNA went...

Fitness in hybrid baboons

4 minute read

It’s rare to have good data on fitness of individuals in wild populations of animals. It’s even more rare to have data on fitness of hybrid individuals in na...

Link: Remembrance of Bryan Sykes

1 minute read

The British geneticist Bryan Sykes has died, and The Guardian has an obituary from Georgina Ferry: “Bryan Sykes obituary”.

Link: Interview with Annalisa Heppner

1 minute read

Secrets of the Dead on PBS is a series that shows some strong documentaries from a range of sources, mostly about archaeology or history. The site has a blog...

Sourdough yeasts from a genomic perspective

1 minute read

Current Biology has a fascinating paper by Frédéric Bigey and coworkers examining the genomic variation of bakery yeasts: “Evidence for Two Main Domesticatio...

Stone tool use-wear from capuchin monkeys

3 minute read

Adrián Arroyo and coworkers have an upcoming paper in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports that describes their work quantifying use-wear on stone ...

The superspreader conference

less than 1 minute read

Maggie Fox of CNN reports on the downstream COVID-19 infections resulting from the Biogen conference last February: “Boston biotech conference led to 245,000...

Moving toward preprint reviews at eLife

3 minute read

The journal eLife has adopted a new editorial policy expecting all submitted papers to be first posted to a preprint server like bioRxiv. The policy is annou...

Recognizing leprosy in wild chimpanzees

1 minute read

A story in Science has been making the rounds on my feeds about a newly-recognized problem in chimpanzee populations: “Leprosy, ancient scourge of humans, fo...

Skills and PhD training

1 minute read

A colleague directed my attention to the text of a recent lecture by Wendy Larner, the outgoing president of the Royal Society Te Apārangi of New Zealand: Pr...