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My privacy policy

I care about the privacy of all visitors to this site. This Privacy Policy informs visitors which information is recorded when they visit the site.

The website runs on the open source Ghost software. It is hosted on the Ghost Pro service. Members of the site have their e-mail addresses registered in the Ghost Pro system, and receive e-mail newsletters at that address. When you log into this site, you will receive an e-mail from the system to your registered address, and the link in this e-mail enables you to log in. No information is retained from free members other than their e-mail address.

I use the Stripe service to process payments for paid memberships. Stripe is a confidential service and neither I nor the Ghost software have any access to your credit card number or personal information.

I use Google Analytics to report on how many people visit the website and how they interact with it. When your browser loads a page, information is sent to Google. This tool uses cookies and web beacons that do not convey any identifying information about individual visitors to me or this site. Google Analytics Privacy Policy outlines how Google uses this information.

Readers may send me e-mails and I value hearing questions and thoughtful comments. I do not share any part of e-mail messages with anyone without first requesting permission to quote or excerpt.

This Privacy Policy is posted to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I am happy to have all the international readers of this site.