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mortuary behavior

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Lecture: Finding ancient minds in the human evolutionary tree

Insights into the behavioral capabilities of ancient human relatives are beginning to show that some of the abilities we consider human go surprisingly deep in our ancestry.

Diagrams of eighteen hominin skulls against a black background
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Fossil profile: BOU-VP-16/1 and mortuary practice

A fossil from Bouri, Ethiopia, represents an individual whose skull was processed after his death.

BOU-VP-16/1 cranium with information
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Research highlight: A look at the questions raised by Homo naledi

A chapter that presents some of the key topics shaping our continuing investigations of the Rising Star cave system.

Cast of the LES1 skull of Homo naledi, held by a hand.
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Looking at the hypothesis of deliberate deposition for Homo naledi

An exchange of views in the Journal of Human Evolution includes an examination of evidence about how skeletons ended up in the Dinaledi Chamber.

Homo naledi bones arranged on a dark table.
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A modern look at pollen from Shanidar and the question of "flower burials"

Work by Marta Fiacconi and Chris Hunt provides new knowledge of the ways that pollen may have entered the Neandertal site.

Shanidar cave in the side of a rocky hill