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species concepts

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When anthropologists argue about species, is it evidence, or ego?

For some people who follow human evolution news, recognizing “species” is really just about whether you’re a lumper or a splitter. Many people assume that the names of species are about ego, not evidence. But nature presents us with real challenges, which still cause different scientists to approach the

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Presentation on species concepts and the hominin fossil record

On a visit to Charles Darwin's home, I share some perspectives on how paleoanthropologists think about species.

John Hawks seen talking in front of a wooded background with a sandy pathway
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Have Sahelanthropus and Orrorin been written out of existence?

A big argument about the so-called savanna theory comes with a surprising claim about the earliest possible hominin fossils.

Artistic image of a skull of Sahelanthropus enshrouded by fog and clouds
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For Linnaeus, classification followed from the new idea that species were fixed

A recent book by Ronald Amundson discusses the philosophical shift in the way that eighteenth-century naturalists viewed species.

Statue of Carolus Linnaeus surrounded by greenery, with a label and information in the corner of image