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Presentation on species concepts and the hominin fossil record

On a visit to Charles Darwin's home, I share some perspectives on how paleoanthropologists think about species.

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John Hawks seen talking in front of a wooded background with a sandy pathway
John Hawks on the Sandwalk at Down House

In 2014 I offered the massive open online course, Human Evolution: Past and Future. One of the most challenging subjects in human origins research is how different kinds of scientists use the concept of species in their work. As I put together the course, I thought about how to convey paleoanthropological views of species, and how they relate to what most people may have learned in their biology education.

I went to Charles Darwin's home at Down House early on a Sunday morning to walk on the famous Sandwalk and think about species.

Human Evolution: Past and FutureCharles Darwinspecies conceptsAustralopithecus afarensisAustralopithecus anamensisVideo by John Hawks
John Hawks

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I'm a paleoanthropologist exploring the world of ancient humans and our fossil relatives.

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