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How the new White House policy on public access to federally funded research may affect data

The new policy establishes strong expectations for public access to data from federally funded research programs.

White House illuminated at night
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How much do scientific societies fear Plan S for open access?

My examination of the politics within scientific organizations surrounding open access publishing

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How many students in paleoanthropology can see casts of Australopithecus afarensis?

The real problem with a lack of data access is that 50 years of the fossil record is invisible to many students in the field.

Cranium of Australopithecus afarensis
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Can we build a science of human evolution that people can trust?

A revealing look at people's ideas about neglected questions in human evolution.

Kabwe skull in left lateral view
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Public interests in data from federally funded research

A white paper in which I argue that the public should have access to the data resulting from federally funded research

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Data access to fossil hominins, reflecting on the NSF policy

In a post from 2005, I reflect on why access to data from fossil hominins is of central value to progress in paleoanthropology.