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Bonobos are classified as Pan paniscus. They are the closest living relatives of chimpanzees. These two species diverged from common ancestors around 1.8 million years ago. Today bonobos live within a geographic range south of the Congo River.

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Ancient amputations tell remarkable stories of survival and care

A 33,000-year-old case of an amputated leg prompts comparisons to earlier Neandertal instances of amputation.

Skull of the Shanidar 1 individual with portions of the upper body skeleton visible, on a blue velvet table
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Why do male bonobos have such low body fat?

Work by Adrienne Zihlman and Debra Bolter looks at the interesting tissue proportions and what they may imply about energy and diet.

Bonobo leaning toward the left into the camera frame, with green vegetation background