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My photo of the Neo skull is named one of the top science images of the year

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I am feeling really honored to have one of my photos of Neo included as one of Cosmos magazine’s “Top 10 science images of 2017”.

Neo skull frontal view

It’s the frontal view of the Neo skull.

I’ve always thought that human evolutionary science has some compelling images, and we rarely see them in top science images lists, which often feature brightly colored micrographs. There’s something exotic about beautiful images that must be explained for people to see what they represent. With a fossil, the image portrays an object that speaks for itself in some ways.

This is a fun photo because I took it with old glass, a vintage 1970 Nikon manual lens that I use for many of my laboratory photos.

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I'm a paleoanthropologist exploring the world of ancient humans and our fossil relatives.

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