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Research highlight: Taking human origins research into the next decade

Notes on the recent history of paleoanthropology from my Distinguished Lecture for the General Anthropology Division of the American Anthropological Association

Hands reaching into the center of frame to make a cricle
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How will ancient proteins change paleoanthropology?

Paleoproteomic methods may provide exciting avenues toward understanding pieces of fossils and their relationships.

Denisova 11 bone fragment in four views
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Can we build a science of human evolution that people can trust?

A revealing look at people's ideas about neglected questions in human evolution.

Kabwe skull in left lateral view
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A paleoanthropological Thanksgiving

A holiday greeting with a special image of the family of fossil hominins.

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How the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship is slowly turning into a dissertation grant

Most winners are already enrolled in graduate programs with well-defined research topics.

A person typing on a computer
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Public interests in data from federally funded research

A white paper in which I argue that the public should have access to the data resulting from federally funded research