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Human Evolution: Past and Future

In 2014 the University of Wisconsin–Madison supported me in producing a massive open online course for more than 40,000 interested people worldwide.

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Presentation on species concepts and the hominin fossil record

On a visit to Charles Darwin's home, I share some perspectives on how paleoanthropologists think about species.

John Hawks seen talking in front of a wooded background with a sandy pathway
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Describing the Great Rift Valley

I share some geological and geographical knowledge from the Omo River valley, one part of the African Rift system.

John Hawks in front of a wooded river with badlands in the distance
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An interview with Clive Finlayson about Neandertal lifeways

This is a part of the course, Human Evolution: Past and Future, which I presented in 2014.

John Hawks and Clive Finlayson inside a cave
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Becoming human: Presentation on Mount Carmel sites and cultural origins

A visit to Israel occasions reflections on the cultural evolution of humans and Neandertals.

John Hawks in front of a wadi with a limestone massif and caves in the distance.
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Interview with Dr. Jill Pruetz about chimpanzees in a savanna habitat

I speak with Dr. Pruetz about her fieldwork with chimpanzees at Fongoli, Senegal.

Jill Pruetz with dark background and photo of chimpanzee in pool of water