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Australopithecus africanus

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Secrets within the teeth of the first Homo fossils

New studies of the enamel-dentin junction show that early members of our genus may have been less distinctive than we think

Closeup of three left mandibular molars with cracks and wear
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All the hominins made tools

A study of associations between stone tool evidence and fossil hominin remains shows that a wide range of species made stone artifacts.

Chimpanzee holding a stick wrapped around its hand and placing lips on the stick
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Guide to Australopithecus species

These ancient human relatives include the first species with evidence of upright walking and running like humans. They represent more than a third of our evolutionary history.

Five fossil skulls in three-quarter view looking toward the right
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A critical look at the idea of Australopithecus prometheus

A historical perspective on a species name that was associated with fossils from Makapansgat, South Africa.

Still from 2001: A Space Odyssey in which an ape is using a bone to bask a skeleton