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body size

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Brain-body allometry revisited across mammals

Reviewing a 2021 paper in Science Advances by J. B. Smaers and coworkers, which looks at brain-body allometry across mammals.

Skull of a tree shrew in the eye orbit of a human skull
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New footprints from Laetoli shed light on how the science has changed in 40 years

New trails expand our knowledge of body size and behavior of some of the earliest known bipedal hominins.

Photo of footprints from Laetoli
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An possible ancestor of Homo floresiensis from the Middle Pleistocene of Flores

Gerrit van den Bergh and coworkers describe dental remains and a jaw from Mata Menge, 700,000 years ago.

Images of teeth in multiple views, with arrows pointing into a jaw to show the tooth positions
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Did giant humans walk the Middle Pleistocene earth?

A National Geographic documentary program prompts questions about some fossils from South Africa with large body size estimates.