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Lecture: Opening new frontiers in human origins

At a memorial for Richard Leakey, I shared some ideas about where technology and new discoveries will take paleoanthropology over the next decade.

Conference slide logo for Africa: The Human Cradle
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Lecture: Are we the last Neanderthals?

At this event, I shared new insights about the humanity of our extinct human relatives.

John Hawks giving a lecture
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Lecture: New mysteries of human origins

Looking at the new discoveries of the last decade and how have changed the questions we're asking about human origins.

Skulls of LB1, Ngandong 11, Omo 2, Kabwe, and DH1 and DH3 of Homo naledi
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Lecture: How Homo naledi matters to our origins

A lecture in 2020 covering some of the latest research and new questions arising from the Rising Star cave system.

John Hawks at a podium that is labeled with the CARTA logo