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Fossil profile: AL 400-1 mandible and the curving line of human evolution

Australopithecus afarensis was an early member of the hominin lineage, but it was not intermediate between humans and living great apes in all ways.

AL 400-1 mandible with information
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Fossil profile: Skhūl 1 and the mixing of populations

A child's skull from Mount Carmel gives an occasion to look at the history of ideas about population mixture.

Skhūl 1 calvaria with information
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Fossil profile: Sangiran 31 and the exceptionally thick skulls of Homo erectus

One of the thickest skulls in the hominin fossil record gives insight about the variation in this ancient species.

Sangiran 31 partial cranium with information
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Fossil profile: U.W. 101-258 and humeral torsion

A humerus from the Dinaledi Chamber gives some insight into the behavior of Homo naledi.

U.W. 101-283 humerus illustration with information added
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Fossil profile: BOU-VP-16/1 and mortuary practice

A fossil from Bouri, Ethiopia, represents an individual whose skull was processed after his death.

BOU-VP-16/1 cranium with information