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Denisova Cave

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How collagen fingerprinting is changing the way archaeologists understand ancient sites

Katarina Douka and coworkers are identifying the species of ancient bone fragments at a massive scale from Denisova Cave.

Three archaeologists working in a cave site with sediment profile
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Another Denisovan from Denisova Cave

A review of the 2015 work identifying the Denisova 8 specimen by Susanna Sawyer and coworkers.

Denisova 8 molar
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New findings from the Denisova 3 genome at high coverage

Sequencing work by Matthias Meyer and coworkers highlights the demography of ancient Denisovans and genes that may make today's people different from them.

Sediment column in Denisova Cave showing labels with layer numbers
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A mysterious mitochondrial sequence from Denisova Cave, Russia

A small fragment of finger bone with a DNA sequence that represents a previously-unknown form of hominin.

A fragment of finger bone upon a chalk outline of a hand skeleton