Getting students into communicating anthropology

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From Kristina Killgrove, a syllabus for a graduate course in Presenting Anthropology:

A lot of the "reading" for the course, though, is going to be mandatory web-surfing, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and playing interactive games. Those links are currently within a private course wiki, but I'll think of a way to make that public by the end of the semester. And hopefully I'll convince most of the students to share their work, either here or on their own public space, throughout the spring.

In this context, I also want to link to the excellent work by Christopher Lynn and his students at the University of Alabama. By instituting a departmental blog network where graduate students and others in anthropology courses are encouraged to post, Alabama has radically reduced the entry costs the prevent graduate students from sharing their work. Plus, they called me a superhero!

I am so happy to see graduate education starting to shift toward interaction and broader communication.