Link: ‘A textbook example of how to do science’

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An interesting take from Steven Newton of NCSE on the Homo naledi context paper by Paul Dirks and our team: “The Cave of Homo naledi, or A Textbook Example of How to Do Science”.

The work on H. naledi is amazing science, and this section on geology and taphonomy by Dirks et al. is an excellent example of how scientists think. There are a whole bunch of possible alternate explanations, and they get whittled down one-by-one, until the only thing left is the improbable, counter-intuitive conclusion that H. naledi individuals were deliberately dropped into this cave. Dirks et al. have addressed virtually every other explanation and demonstrated why they don't fit with the evidence.

It’s a useful guide to how the mystery of the Dinaledi Chamber might be used to help teach the scientific method.