Link: Why astro/physics isn’t fun anymore

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Chanda Prescod-Weinstein has written an evocative essay about her experience becoming a physicist, and the daily frustrations and challenges of being different in background from those ordinarily welcomed into the field: “Let Physics Be the Dream It Used To Be”

I’m not going to catalog every shitty thing that happened to me in grad school or as a postdoc even though I haven’t actually mentioned the worst stuff, but the point is that I didn’t and still don’t fit into the dominant astro/physics culture, and this has really sucked a lot of the fun out of physics for me. White astro/physicists need to understand and take to heart that this is in fact a real issue that doesn’t magically go away with admissions and diversity initiatives that fail to address underlying cultural, structural issues.

She reminds us that science as a career choice has many unappealing qualities, particularly for those who lie outside a particular social background.