Animal metaphors of questionable taste: ventro-ventral gorillas

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The National Geographic story about gorillas mating in the missionary position is one of those unique science stories: it's full of lines that sound innocuous to stodgy science-types, but would make any 13-year-old boy giggle uncontrollably. Such as:

Her mating partner in the photos, George, is named for a famous president -- Washington, not Bush.


Such tool use was considered surprising for wild gorillas, which some believe are less intelligent than other species of tool-wielding great apes.

Maybe I'm just in a weird mood today, but I couldn't read the thing without Beavis and Butthead voices in my head. "Huh-uh huh huh. He said, 'harem,' huh-huh."

Besides this has to be some kind of record for the minimum actual new scientific content for a science story. The whole story is just a photograph. It's like a Paris Hilton moment -- the stalkerazzi version of gorilla mating!