Anagrams, part 1

1 minute read

I was putting together some anagrams on human evolution-related phrases, which turns out to be a bit of a challenge. I have no idea how hard they are to unscramble, but in many cases I've been able to make the anagram somewhat topically related to the real phrase, so you have a bit of a clue. Numbers 2, 4, and 5 are not particularly topical; the rest are to a greater or lesser degree.

In the topical anagram category, my favorite is number 6 (for which you will want to retain the question mark at the end!).

And that number 3! Who knew?

Anyway, here they are. I think they would make fun extra credit items on exams, but moreso for the topical clues. As is the usual rule, punctuation marks and capitalization patterns are not part of the original.

1. He has meat dinners, loon.

UPDATE (10/30/2006): OK, Gretchen was doing these, and she has chewed me out because I left letters out of this one. If you wrote this down and were working on it before, there should be another "h" and another "s" besides the ones in "He's". Yes, I knew the "h" was in the original, I just didn't check the anagram carefully enough. I've changed the original now to the right number of all letters.

2. Unhappiest torch.

3. Learn the DNA.

4. Hopeful Nassau caricaturist.

5. Introgression rune.

6. Hail, oh handier assumptions?

7. Transatlantic hoodwinker funeral.