Neandertal anti-defamation files, 18

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I recently ran across a book of relationship advice by John V. Farrar, titled Dump the Neanderthal; Choose Your Prime Mate.

OK, yes, seriously. Dump the Neanderthal.

Here’s a passage:

The image of the Neanderthal was chosen for the title of this book because it seemed to epitomize the notion of an insensitive, thoughtless and, perhaps at times, an even brutish partner. Neanderthal-like behavior may not necessarily be physical, but it is always discounting of the wishes and feelings of his partner. A dysfunctional, unhealthy relationship does not exhibit either fairness or balance. The Neanderthal-like male says whatever he feels like saying, while she carefully watches her words. She does the cooking while he does all the eating. He abuses, and she gets abused. And so on. There is an imbalance in both effort and power. While she may be the breadwinner, for example, he may control the finances. She may work harder than he does to be sexually attractive, but he dictates their physical life together. As a result, the woman in these relationships manifests the stereotypical emotions of guilt, frustration, and mental exhaustion.

This guy is clearly worse than Broud from Clan of the Cave Bear. All the worst stereotypes. Can’t therapists leave these poor ancient people alone? First Talia Shire, and now this!

I mean, seriously – you want a modern, feeling partner, you can’t do better than a real Neandertal.

You can rest assured: If you see me write “Dump the Neanderthal”, it’s about spelling the word without the “h”.