Did Gould's ghost destroy my garage?

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So…yesterday I posted a link and commentary on a new paper showing Stephen Jay Gould had seriously erred in his argument that Samuel Morton’s data were fudged (“Gould’s ‘Unconscious Manipulation of Data’”). I’ve had a huge positive response to that post, thank everyone for your kind thoughts.

Within a half hour of posting that from here in Denmark, my family in Wisconsin were taking shelter in the basement as an EF-1 tornado passed over the house. For non-storm-savvy readers, that’s the smallest kind of tornado, but as you’ll see, still incredibly destructive. Everyone is OK, but pretty shaken-up.

The storm uprooted our 60-foot silver maple, completely destroying the garage.

Tornado damage

Gretchen was on the local news last night. Many trees were down all over town, but fortunately none with quite such a devastating impact:

Tornado damage

The house is basically OK but suffered some roof and gutter damage. Hopefully we’ll have power back soon. I’ll be glad to get home tomorrow.