When Science comes a-linking

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I was reviewing my log files, and discovered that a lot of new readers are coming from Science magazine, which very kindly put me in their NetWatch feature last week!

WEB LOG: Bones, Genes, And Brains
A study suggesting that social stress leaves "molecular scars" on the brain and research exposing cultural diversity in gorillas are just two of the subjects that have snared the interest of anthropologist John Hawks of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His wide-ranging blog excavates novel ideas and noteworthy discoveries in evolution, genetics, and human paleontology. Hawks promises to deliver three to five essays per week. Gems he's come across include a recent New York Times piece about the Soviet Union's unsuccessful efforts in the 1920s to prove our simian ancestry by crossbreeding chimps with humans. Readers intrigued by the tiny Flores hominid uncovered in Indonesia 2 years ago will find a section devoted to the controversial remains.

Too cool! I added the links in the above quote in case anybody's looking for those specific pages. Welcome to everybody who's come by, and please come back as often as you like!