While I was out: a profile appeared

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I've been sick as a dog the last two days, so I haven't been posting. But in the meantime, the UW news service has posted a very cool article about the weblog!

Here's an excerpt:

John Hawks has a cardinal rule with his graduate students: "If you want to retain it, write it down."
The UW-Madison anthropologist is certainly a prolific follower of that rule, deciding in 2005 not just to write it down, but share it with the world via academic blog.

I love this part:

Once, Hawks received a comment about his post on the growing evidence that the Neanderthals were not an evolutionary dead end, that some genes from the species contributed to human evolution. The reader couldn't have agreed more, and went on to describe evidence of Neanderthal links. "Let me describe myself to you," the commenter wrote. "I have a protruding brow ridge and most of my friends describe me as unusually hairy."
"I couldn't tell if he was joking or not," says Hawks.

My apologies if that was you....

My mom and dad thought the picture made me look thin and handsome. I guess you can judge for yourself!