A new look

1 minute read

You’ll notice a bit of a redesign underway here as I roll out a new theme. Most obvious, the site’s responsive theme now includes a solution for lighter images tuned to mobile users. By redesigning to use mobile-native fonts and mobile images, this is now one of the fastest and most accessible mobile reading experiences I can create. That change has given me some more flexibility for laptop and desktop users, and pages now lead with a massive image which I’ll be rotating much more frequently. I was previously hesitant to go all the way to huge images because of the costs for mobile users, but a bit of Javascript (anticipating future web standards) should enable both a richer visual experience on the web and a faster load time for mobile accessibility.

The transition to Jekyll last year markedly improved many behind-the-scenes aspects of the weblog, and also adds a lot of flexibility to the way archived content is made available. I’ll be experimenting with some new approaches to keep some of the archived essays vital as the science continues to change. Many of these will be related to an upcoming project that will roll out over the next few months. More to come!