Despite appearances, I am not a shill

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OK, so the last couple of days it seems like I've been a repeating station for the New York Times Science section. That's mostly by accident -- there were some new stories and some backlogged ones that I had meant to take note of.

But there is also a bit of design -- I'm in Knoxville right now giving guest lectures at the University of Tennessee. They're treating me really well, and I'm happy to meet lots of graduate students and my friends on the faculty. And I got a tour of some of the facilities here, including the incredible skeletal collection resulting from donations to the "Body Farm."

Tomorrow's lecture is a trial run of some of my new research: "Neandertal Viagra, and Other Wonders of the Genomic Age."

Wish you were here!

Oh, and for an appropriate research donation, I could change the name of the lecture to "Neandertal Cialis"...