Ardipithecus bloggingheads

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Today, Science Saturday on is a conversation between Razib Khan and me. We had a fun conversation about Ardipithecus and the recent study of the population genetics of India.


Here’s a non-embedded link to the bloggingheads site

Razib pointed out the similarity of eyeglasses in our last diavlog.

Obviously, we’ve taken the pills that make us smarter:

Scientific American cover with glasses

I think we did pretty well staying on topic in this one, and getting into some paleoanthropology deeper than your average radio interview.

If you’re finding my blog from the bloggingheads site, please look around! My Ardipithecus topic link. That goes way back, long before the current discoveries, and there are some interesting posts in there, from today’s perspective.

I especially like the two posts about bushes, ladders, and whether Ardipithecus is our direct ancestor or not: “Spacecraft all over the Pliocene”, and “A ladder not a bush?”

Oh, and I almost forgot this 2006 post linking to Tim White’s kvetching over the Orrorin femur: Orrorin opera.” If you want a background picture of the competitiveness of research in early hominin field paleontology, that’s a case worth examining – or for a broader view, Ann Gibbons’ book, “The First Human,” has many stories as well.