Gotta change

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Bizarrely, I'm now listening to the voice of Drew Carey telling me about Neanderthals. It's on Prehistoric Planet, which is one of the Discovery Kids shows. This particular Neanderthal, who looks like an outtake from "Walking with Cavemen," is being charged by a wooly rhinoceros.

Yeaoww! The rhino just gored him!

Oh, yep, they are the Neanderthals from "Walking with Cavemen." "Prehistoric Planet" is a repackaged version with new narration for kids.

Now a bunch of mammoths are just walking along the edge of a very high cliff. This seems like a critical error of mammoth judgement.

And the Neanderthals are waiting with blazing firebrands.

It's risky getting right up in your prey's face like this. Especially when your prey has tusks!

It's an interestingly jumbled ending, with Neandertals going extinct because "they can't adapt to their changing world," the mammoths going extinct -- 19,000 years later -- because it gets too warm for them, and Cro-Magnons having a happy ending as they become ... us! All temperature, no killing spree. Don't you see, you just have to be able to change!

Well, it didn't keep Goodwin's attention, but then he's only two.