Neandertal CSI revisited

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Discover has put an article online that they ran in the November issue, which features Steven Churchill’s research (“Did we mate with Neanderthals, or did we murder them”). It’s a good “present status” article about possible human-Neandertal interactions, pretty much as summarized in the headline. It would be a good link for intro classes.

For more information about almost every one of the topics in the article, you could do worse than searching my archives:

The Shanidar impact wounds: “Real stories of the Neandertal CSI”

Les Rois: “Another Aurignacian Neandertal, or just dinner?”, and “Les Rois revisited, and dental classification of other Aurignacian individuals”

Mary Stiner and Steven Kuhn’s social structure hypothesis: “Barbaric yawping about Neandertal women”</p>