A Neandertal research report

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Rebecca Wragg Sykes went to the European Society for Human Evolution meetings last week and reports on some of the Neandertal-related research presentations: “ESHE 2012 Meeting Report: Neanderthal Edition!”.

Predictably there were some disputes during questions for papers, mainly regarding issues surrounding the dating of the industries termed "transitional": the Chatelperronian in SW France and also some Spanish sites following a talk by Zilhao et al.. Despite an embargo on new results from the Grotte de Rennes at Arcy sur Cure, France, Talamo et al. presented new chronological data from the site of Les Cottes, one of the only sites in Europe with a complete and defined sequence of the different archaeological cultures from late Middle Palaeolithic, Chatelperronian and Aurignacian- the earliest Upper Palaeolithic...

Much more of interest.