Looking for a G6PD review?

1 minute read

I'm linking to this 1994 review article by Ernest Beutler (straight to PDF) because (a) it has over 400 references that pretty much cover every bit of G6PD knowledge up to 1994, and (b) the PDF is protected so I can't save a local copy.

This is really getting annoying. This article is from the archives of Blood and it is available for free download, for goodness sake! Meanwhile, I can hardly save a Nature paper anymore -- I've had some sitting open on my computer for weeks and I can't close them without having to go download them again.

I guess I'll probably start linking such things here more, just so I don't have to Google things I've already read.

UPDATE (3/8/2006): Thanks to all the readers who sent me the article! The DRM doesn't work on everyone but the current OS X seems to be especially clever about defeating my attempts to get around it (including your suggestions). The best I have seen so far is a compiler switch for Xpdf, so if you're technically inclined, there you go.

The ironic part is that I ended up cutting the G6PD reference from the paper! Oh, well; it will return in the longer version.