Link: Barbara King reviews Jon Marks

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Barbara King discusses Jon Marks’ new book, Tales of the Ex-Apes: How We Think about Human Evolution, on her NPR blog: “Are We Ex-Apes? A Story Of Human Evolution”.

That term — ex-apes — get emphasized in the book a lot by Marks, as does "human exceptionalism." Marks really doesn't want to be an ape — and he delivers his argument in a book that's fresh (in all senses of the word), funny and full of rigorous anthropological scholarship. His argument pushes back against my tendency — even while working within the same discipline as Marks's — to emphasize not ape-human boundaries but ape-human continuities.

I make a cameo appearance in the review, in reference to the title, “ex-apes”, because I have made a similar argument that humans are not apes but hominoids in one of my most controversial posts of all time (“Humans aren’t monkeys. We aren’t apes, either.”).