Crow and Kimura back in print

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A new printing of a classic population genetics text has been issued this year: An Introduction to Population Genetics Theory, by James Crow and Motoo Kimura.

I discovered it by accident on Amazon last week, and ordered my copy right away. Now with it safely in hand, I can tell the world!

Crow and Kimura’s telling starts with demography, mirroring Fisher’s (1930) presentation but with more clarity of description. From the demographic background of genetic change, they are able to pursue genetic drift and selection as stochastic and deterministic realizations of similar processes.

The fact is, not much has changed since the book’s first publication in 1970. I think you could teach a great seminar using Crow and Kimura by itself. But if you need a more up-to-date mathematical presentation, I highly recommend Mathematical Population Genetics, by Warren Ewens. The books bear a closer comparison; where Crow and Kimura built their presentation from a demographic perspective, Ewens begins with quantitative genetics, relating the Wright-Fisher population model to phenotypes.