Link: Expedition journal from Niah Caves

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I was really pleased to see a post by Darren Curnoe recounting his team’s recent field season in Niah Caves in Borneo: “We Found Evidence of Early Humans in the Jungles of Borneo”.

Over a period of three weeks, we dug through what we believe to be around 20,000 years of human history. We uncovered several human bones, the remains of large mammals (probably deer and wild cattle) and marine oyster shells indicating a period of seafood meals. Stone tools and charred rocks were also unearthed.
It was exciting and a little bit daunting to be digging at Niah Caves, given its place in both the history of archaeology and more broadly of humankind.

Really great to see more teams keeping expedition journals, which are such powerful ways of communicating the real-life decisions and processes of archaeological science. Curnoe’s “Daily Dig Diary” on YouTube (indexed on his Facebook page) was an informative way to follow archaeological research as it happened.