The Freudian artifact

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Why is it that the BBC always picks up stories like this one? (via palanthsci)

The 20cm-long, 3cm-wide stone object, which is dated to be about 28,000 years old, was buried in the famous Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in the Swabian Jura.
The prehistoric "tool" was reassembled from 14 fragments of siltstone.
Its life size suggests it may well have been used as a sex aid by its Ice Age makers, scientists report.

Did you have to go there, BBC? "Tool"?

Go to the story. See the picture. Cringe at quotes like this one from Nick Conard:

"In addition to being a symbolic representation of male genitalia, it was also at times used for knapping flints"

And please try to consider what it says about Neandertals that they never made one.

It's not "The Rabbit", but I suppose they had to make do...