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Charles Q. Choi: “Ancient Human Ancestors Faced Fearsome Horned Crocodile”

Fossil leg and foot bones of at least two hominids from Olduvai bear crocodilian tooth marks, and came from roughly the same time as the newfound horned carnivore and within roughly 300 feet (100 meters) from where the reptile's skeleton was discovered. "I can't guarantee these crocodiles were killing people, but they were certainly biting them," Brochu said. "Our ancestors would have had to be cautious close to the water, because the water's edge at Olduvai Gorge would have been a very dangerous place."

The description of the beast, by Christopher Brochu and colleagues, is in PLoS ONE. They’ve named it Crocodylus anthropophagus. The two fossils with the bite marks are OH 8 and OH 35.