Mailbag: Site redesign doesn't please everyone

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Re: “The new look”.

Dear Professor Hawks, I am distraught you have trashed your own website. The internal links are gone. You provide no search routine. Your mail bag is gone. The Neanderthal data plots are gone. Your art is gone. Your Neanderthal child looks like every child in my family. For that I am pleased. I have touted your website. After the remake I cannot forward the link with pride. I wish you the time to make redress. Pity those who contributed to your original website in vain. Conversion from an internet PC format to a cell phone wireless format is reminiscent of the transformation from Neanderthal culture to Sapiens culture. The distinction in my mind is between high volume information processing and pablum.

I do apologize about search; this has proved to be a serious problem as my site has scaled up and all the viable solutions involve learning a new system. And I can no longer guarantee that the layout will look right on older (non-CSS compliant) browsers; if you are using an older version of Netscape or Internet Explorer, you may be seeing something very different from most people.

As for the rest – everything is still where it was, including the mailbag:

Believe me, the links within the site are so important that they’re taking more time than any other aspect of the remodel. The links were actually very bad at directing people into the site and allowing them to discover things. So I’m revisiting them, counting clicks and programming a new linking system to direct people more intelligently.

Surely you don’t imagine that I would undertake such a difficult course of action on a mere whim. I have to change these things, because in the next few months the site will be initiating four new projects, each of which will have its own distinct flavor.

Please let me share with you something I’ll be introducing as a new area of the website next week:

[And here I sent something extremely interesting…]