Mailbag: Director's cut

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Re: online learning:

For your consideration with respect to educational productions: I wish that, instead of the annoying Commentary track (where the actors/director tell about how they were drunk when they shot that scene) there were a 'Geek track' available on documentaries. It would show the actual finds, skeletons, radiocarbon data, images...whatever was appropriate for the Viking, dinosaur, asteroid being discussed. For every scene, you could get the scientific 'backstory' as well as the dramatic portrayal. I think that this would be an excellent method to provide actual education to people who were eager for the next Vikings/dinosaur/anthropology/physics documentary. It would provide an easy transition between the cgi of the production and the data of the scientist.

Great idea, similar to my tweet the other day, we can imagine a world where every factual claim was accompanied by the opportunity to back it up immediately with data.