Mailbag: Neandertal ancestry and the Basques

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the Franco-Hispano Neanderthal caves provide us with many finds. do Basque (Euskara) people share more NEANDERTHAL genes than other Europeans? the Basque (Euskara) language is protoeuropean and also non-indoeuropean. We must make some DNA test with pure Basque people! we must be careful because many Basque people are not pure Basques, I have Greco-Basque friends, they do marry with other people. Many linguists and genetisist found some bonds among tongues and DNA. It is not an easy task, but in many case there are positive data about this argument. Can you please answer us this fondamental question???? Do Basque (Euskara) protoeuropeans have more Neanderthal DNA???? You must take many Basque DNA samples!!! because many Basques were mixed with other Europeans in the past, and they don't know about it, they don't know all their family tree!!! I await you answer!!! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!!!

I agree! There will be more Basque genomes in the next release of the 1000 Genomes sample and possibly there will be some new insights from these. Still it will be a small number and more sampling would be very useful.

At present, the Spanish sample (including a very small number of Basque ancestry) does not have more Neandertal ancestry than other Europeans. No outliers yet. But this could change if they were really sampled seriously.

Thanks for your question!