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Fossil profile: Krapina 49 maxilla

1 minute read

Shovel-shaped incisors are a striking anatomical variant in many living people. The upper incisors of most people are gently curved or straight across, and t...

Fossil profile: KNM-WT 8556 mandible

2 minute read

Kenyanthropus platyops makes an interesting case study of species in the fossil hominin record. The name formally applies to only two fossils, which are the ...

Link: The archaeology of Yellowstone

2 minute read

Smithsonian magazine has a feature article by Richard Grant describing the archaeology of Yellowstone National Park: “The Lost History of Yellowstone”. The s...

Link: Science behind the mRNA vaccines

1 minute read

A lot of people are reading the Wired story about the background of the messenger RNA (mRNA) science that underlies the new COVID-19 vaccines: “How mRNA went...

Fitness in hybrid baboons

4 minute read

It’s rare to have good data on fitness of individuals in wild populations of animals. It’s even more rare to have data on fitness of hybrid individuals in na...

Link: Remembrance of Bryan Sykes

1 minute read

The British geneticist Bryan Sykes has died, and The Guardian has an obituary from Georgina Ferry: “Bryan Sykes obituary”.