Twitter highlights, January 8–15, 2015

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I spent part of the week preparing for the beginning of classes next week here at UW-Madison. When I’m teaching introductory classes, I’m always more attentive to the basic information that’s available for students.

Neil Shubin reminds us that the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has made all three episodes of the Tangled Bank documentary, “Your Inner Fish”, available for streaming:

As a consultant for the production, I’m very enthusiastic about this. I’ll be using the book, Your Inner Fish, in my course on Evolutionary Biology this semester. It’s such a great way to look at how evolution has transformed vertebrates into our own unique body form.

I’m less enthusiastic about the pictures of hominin relationships that teachers have to show students:

My post on the timeline of peer review for hominin species got some attention:

Some tweets about the new archaeological finds on Sulawesi:

On the subject of data access and replicability in science, first another hopeful sign that African countries are moving toward adoption of open access principles:

And my reminder that I do not consider access to data as an optional add-on to good science.

This week, another series of revelations about sexual harassment by professors of astronomy and astrophysics has dominated my tweetstream. So many voices there that need hearing, many sharing their own harrowing personal experiences. One summarizes the problem: