Welcome to "Higher Ground" listeners!

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If you are coming by because you heard the address on WPR's "Higher Ground" with Jonathan Overby, let me wish you a warm welcome. Feel free to explore a bit.

I have a FAQ about the Flores hominids, or you can go to the full listing about Flores, which includes the latest news about the damage to the fossils and my opinion about what the fossils represent.

The weblog is a combination of news in human evolution, my own research and reviews, and thoughts about our place in nature. I try to update often, and include as much "behind the scenes" information about new finds as I can. I also have a number of posts relating to the teaching of evolution in schools. Some of the material is a little technical, because I keep my own notes here; but I refer the site to all my students, so I try to keep it accessible.

If you're a teacher in Wisconsin public schools and would like to find out more about human evolution, please let me know. You'll find my email address on my faculty listing at the UW anthropology department. (Why don't I provide a direct mailto:// link? To cut down the spam, of course!)