How mad scientists are made

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Talking to my clones today during their St. Patrick’s Day preparations:

Me: (skeptical) So you’ve filled your leprechaun trap with lots of food?

Lucy: Yeah, there’s lots to eat in there.

Sadie: We don’t want him to escape, but we can’t really hold him in there, so we want him to decide to stay all night.

Lucy: Yes, he won’t want to leave.

Me: So won’t he need a potty?


Sadie: I’m going to make an outhouse so he will go outside and then come back in to eat more!

Lucy: Mine is going to be an INSIDE toilet.

Sadie: Hey, we could collect his DNA!

Both: laughing

Sadie: Thanks, Daddy, you have the greatest ideas!

Lucy: Yes, you’re brilliant, Daddy!

Sadie: (walks away with evil laugh) We’re going to get leprechaun DNA!