Hobbits hobbled

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The Guardian reports, “Hobbit banned as title of lecture on prehistoric ‘hobbit’”. The event in question was organized at Victoria University in New Zealand by Brent Alloway.

"I am very disappointed that we're forbidden by the representatives of the Tolkien Estate to use the word 'Hobbit' in the title of our proposed free public event especially since the word 'Hobbit' is apparently listed in the Oxford English Dictionary (and hence apparently part of our English-speaking vocabulary), the word 'Hobbit' (in the Tolkien context) is frequently used with apparent impunity in the written press and reference to 'Hobbit' in the fossil context is frequently referred to in the scientific literature (and is even mentioned in Wikipedia on Homo floresiensis). I realise I'm in unfamiliar word proprietry territory (as an earth scientist) so I've gone for the easiest option and simply changed our event title." said Alloway.
The event is now called "A newly discovered species of Little People unravelling the legend behind Homo floresiensis".

No word on whether Fisher-Price will object to the use of “Little People” for the lectures…