Higgs hunting

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I follow physics news but generally don’t post about it. But after the recent Higgs boson press conference, I found this article by Lawrence Krauss to be a very useful explanation of the underlying physics (Why one Higgs boson will not be enough”).

Aside from Krauss’ essay, I don’t think most of the reporting actually explains anything about this. I tend to get my information from blogs instead.

I’ve also watched several recent physics documentaries, presented by scientists, but these give pretty light coverage to current events in physics. They’re all concerned with multiverses, wormholes, and other exotic sci-fi-sounding topics. I really don’t think any of them explain the Standard Model well. Krauss puts the current Higgs focus in the context of the earlier discovery of the W and Z particles predicted by the Standard Model and confirmed in the 1980’s. That’s one of the earliest physics stories I remember, and it would be nice to see somebody do a documentary that included more of this historical context.