Over-the-counter genomics

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So now you’ll be able to buy a genetic test at your local drugstore:

[T]he plan being announced Tuesday by Pathway Genomics of San Diego to sell its Insight test at about 6,000 of Walgreens' 7,500 stores represents the boldest move yet to bring the power of modern molecular medicine to the mass market.
"It's the first widespread retail availability of genetic tests that are directed specifically at health issues," said Joan A. Scott, director of the Genetics and Public Policy Center at Johns Hopkins University.

The company is apparently marketing a range of different tests, priced at different levels. It’s sort of ludicrous since, in those quantities for that number of markers, all of them could be done with a single chip for less than the cheapest. Well, I suppose I’m not a target of their marketing.

The article (in the Washington Post) indicates that the FDA is not cool with this idea, and is already “evaluating similar tests.”