Neandertals in Milwaukee, May 4

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If you’re in the Milwaukee area and interested in paleoanthropology (which I’m sure you must be, if you’re reading this!), I will be giving a talk next Tuesday evening, May 4 about Neandertals, at the UW-Milwaukee. The title is:

“The Great Neandertal Comeback: How Genomic-Era Science is Breathing Life Into Our Ancestors”

I’ll be talking about a range of stuff. Obviously from the title, Neandertal genetics and population dynamics. Also, what we’ve learned about development from new scanning technologies, what new archaeological chemistry is telling us about their diet, some incredible finds of Neandertal cultural complexity, and how they may tell us some surprising things about living people.

The talk is at 7:30 pm, Tuesday May 4, and the location is Merrill 131.

I’ll be looking forward to meeting everybody!