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For obscure reasons, I’m installing Windows 7 on one of my MacBooks. The installation has gone pretty smoothly. But the first thing I wanted to do was install Safari – not because I’m a zealot or anything, but that’s what I use on every other computer, and I don’t see any sense using a different browser on this one.

So how does Microsoft welcome me back into the fold? Internet Explorer won’t load apple.com, or any pages from apple.com. No problem loading any other website – heck, I’ve got Firefox downloading now. Nope, just Apple, which loads fine right at this moment on the MacBook I’m typing this on.

Meanwhile, on the TV comes the new “Switchers” commercial, where the PC goes into a time warp of endless promises of stability from the past.

And where the heck is my bash prompt?

UPDATE (2009-11-10): A reader writes to remind me of Cygwin, which installs bash and other Unix utilities on Windows. Oh, it works like a charm. Backslashes have their place, but the file structure is not it.