Thanks to all

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I want to take a moment to thank everyone whose generous donations have allowed me to pay for the site hosting and upkeep. Everyone who uses my Amazon links donates 6 percent of their purchases to the site at no additional cost to them. For those of you who have it the PayPal donation link, you are really wonderful people. I am awed and humbled that the site means enough to people to get them to donate directly.

I’m going to Siberia next week to visit Denisova Cave, and after that to South Africa. I’m going to try to give a full report here. There’s an awful lot going on in my research and travels this summer. And of course, there was the little matter of a tornado destroying our garage. I can only say that things are going to get even more exciting as we go forward, and it’s the support of all the readers that enables me to update everyone on the science.

So again, thanks!